Fwwixli and Wirxli

Fwwixli and Wirxli
Shopping together on their 1st day of custody.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

I think my daughter ran away from me - Fwwix Aid begins...

Worried Wirxli impulsively guzzles his refillable rum-and-coke class and looks around for Fwwixli while the poodlesque avatar, Invoice Writer from Art Metropole donates L$500 to Wirxli's new "Fwwix Aid" fundraising scheme to formally hire an in-world Private Investigation agency to find her. iixlii (the little guy with green skin and a suit), Wirxli's drug dealer for charity, sells drugs in exchange for tips torwards this most desperate of causes!

Hey performance art and adoption fans,

Since being published in The Avastar together, I have not heard at all from my daughter, Fwwixli...I find it strange since I just paid her L$250 (50%) of my earnings from our Avastar publication. Maybe she fears the publicity generated by her newfound fame? I hope not! I am sure this process seems to work just nicely for the new adopted kids of Angelina and Madonna.

Anyways, if you see my daughter anywhere, please send me an IM in-world.

I have not yet spoken with Auntie Chi5 Shenzhou in detail about it but I do not think anyone has seen her for a little while. I would love to see her again soon to retain my custody so that Fwwixli and I can collaborate together for some future art exhibitions :-)

In the meantime, I have decided to launch "Fwwix Aid". I have a drug-dealer bot named iixxli who will offer you an expanding selection of drugs and if you tip him, the proceeds will go directly to my Private Investigation costs...

I am already in negotiations with my preferred agency but I cannot mention their company name as it might compromise their investigation.

All I can say at this time is that I plan to hire them this week. The Art Metropole donation was almost enough for me to hire the agency for one day and act as a money deposit but they require at least two (consecutive?) days....Please find me and iixlii in-world and get high for charity! Please! I do not want Fwwixli to end up in the wrong hands! Poor little Fwwixli! Sniff! I need at least another L$500 donation to hire this agency and I want to hire them fast! Who know what could happen to my poor little Fwwixli!

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