Fwwixli and Wirxli

Fwwixli and Wirxli
Shopping together on their 1st day of custody.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

keeping tabs on my daughter...again!

A mutated Fwwixli (thanks to sitting on Gaz's scripted canvas chair) and a sober Wirxli finally hang out together an additional time as a reunited "Daughter" and "Daddy".

Hey there performance art and adoption fans,

I have been feeling guilty lately that I have not been spending more quality time with Fwwixli. She seems quite spunky and independent for her age though as she is already hanging out with Auntie Chi5 Shenzhou and causing mischief and mayhem while losing the sk8board I literally just forked a whopping L$600 for a few days ago..sigh! So, I was glad to see her online when I visited a bunch of my friends at Odyssey Islands main gallery. I teleported her over to join us and thankfuly, she got her sk8board back! Yaaaaay! As liberal as a parent I might appear to be, I am going to be getting used to setting some stern boundries very soon. Already, I managed to wrangle off her chat history after I had crashed several times. Here is the once coveted chat history below interspersed with pix from yesterday's artistic meet and greet. I noticed from this seized chat history that she has been very naughty indeed! As you scroll and read her chat transcript below, please take into account that the "You" referred to in the transcript is Fwwixli and not me as this was recorded from her perspective...this way, I even found out what she managed to say about me behind my back! As punishment, I am making her personal chat history for this day public to all you blog readers out there! Read on....

Sugar Seville demos Gazira's canvas chair just as my dear Fwwixli arrives. From left-right: dreamZ Bingyi, Fwwixli Swindlehurst (with the recovered sk8board), Lior Humphreys and Sugar Seville.
[15:26] Wirxli Flimflam: I took some video of this opening here and blogged it
[15:26] lior Humphreys: ok
[15:26] Wirxli Flimflam: yaaaay! you are back!
[15:26] Sugar Seville: yes the Gazira show is very special, she turned down some other places
[15:26] lior Humphreys: but you did not send me a invite darling
[15:26] Wirxli Flimflam: ooops! next time. Lior
[15:26] Wirxli Flimflam: I meant to invite you
[15:26] lior Humphreys: all respect
[15:26] Sugar Seville: i have a visitor counter at the front of the gallery
[15:27] You: that sucked
[15:27] You: :))0
[15:27] dreamZ Bingyi: is it a flying board ?
[15:27] Wirxli Flimflam: did you get my goodies and treats, Fwwix?
[15:27] dreamZ Bingyi: magic one ;)
[15:27] lior Humphreys: now i am member i will know it automatic right
[15:27] You: nope
[15:27] Sugar Seville: yes- you will get an announcement
[15:27] Wirxli Flimflam: yes, should be automatic if you are part of the Ody group
[15:28] You: can't get down
[15:28] Sugar Seville: the other piece that uses SL tech is Man's zoetrope
[15:28] Sugar Seville: over here
[15:28] Wirxli Flimflam: also, Fwwix, did you need some money to upload a photo of yourself in your profile?
This time my beloved daughter Fwwixli takes a seat in Gaz's trickster chair... awwwwwe.... sooooo cute!!
[15:29] Sugar Seville: stand inside it and go to mouselook
[15:29] You: naaa I just didn't get around to it yet
[15:29] Wirxli Flimflam gave you Bubble Wand.
[15:29] Wirxli Flimflam gave you DEATH BALL.
[15:29] lior Humphreys: itautomatic
[15:29] Wirxli Flimflam gave you Firework Launcher (drag to ground).
[15:29] Wirxli Flimflam: oh ok
[15:29] Wirxli Flimflam gave you Vomit Blood -TheEnd.
[15:29] California Chronic w/ leaves: the air is thick with marijuana smoke
...and now Lior Humphreys takes a seat...
[15:29] dreamZ Bingyi: It hurts me....
[15:29] lior Humphreys: not really
[15:29] Wirxli Flimflam gave you Linden Flame & Fire Script + Free Smoke.
[15:29] You: I bought 1k
[15:30] You: spent most of it on noise
[15:30] lior Humphreys: maybe you have to be in normal situation not after that
[15:30] Wirxli Flimflam: ok..great!
[15:30] lior Humphreys: experience with dz work
[15:30] Wirxli Flimflam gave you Master Yoda's Lightsaber.
[15:30] Wirxli Flimflam gave you Lightsaber HUD.
[15:30] Wirxli Flimflam gave you Lightsaber 2.
[15:30] dreamZ Bingyi: no need to take drugs ;)
[15:31] You: :)))
[15:31] Wirxli Flimflam: heheheh..I have some drugs for you, dreamZ
[15:31] lior Humphreys: but just the sculptural look of it is great
[15:31] Wirxli Flimflam: but first, I am filling up Fwixx's purse with goodies
[15:31] You: dad !
[15:31] dreamZ Bingyi: my avatar can take everything ;)
[15:31] Wirxli Flimflam: yes, Fwwix?
[15:31] You: are you a drug dealer ?
[15:32] You: cause that will be so cool
[15:32] lior Humphreys: how about the work from man machine
[15:32] Wirxli Flimflam: how do you think I make all this money to support you, Fwwix? ;-)
[15:32] Wirxli Flimflam: no seriously, my drugs have been given to me
[15:32] Wirxli Flimflam: I give them away and you can have some too
[15:32] Wirxli Flimflam: I think it is every child's right to do drugs
[15:33] You: fau and zod do drugz all the time
[15:33] Wirxli Flimflam: yeah, and they are definitely role models to aspire to
[15:33] lior Humphreys: the works here
[15:33] You: I nick some when they are not around
[15:33] dreamZ Bingyi: well, I've never been so...sensuous
[15:33] lior Humphreys: on the side are from grafic artist
[15:33] lior Humphreys: visually they are great
The gang then proceeded to do their mutation dance in the style of Second Front's Spawn of the Surreal in front of Auntie Chi5 Shenzhou's cage of piggies!
[15:34] Wirxli Flimflam: yeah, Auntie CHi5 tells me what you are up to all the time, do not think that you can do things behind my back
[15:34] dreamZ Bingyi: junkies don't eat coyotes
[15:34] Wirxli Flimflam gave you Doobie.
[15:34] lior Humphreys: visually
[15:34] lior Humphreys: am mean
[15:34] California Chronic w/ leaves: the air is thick with marijuana smoke
[15:34] dreamZ Bingyi: ooops
[15:34] lior Humphreys: and how about the sculpture above
[15:34] Wirxli Flimflam gave you Ah Body Parts.
[15:35] Wirxli Flimflam gave you Necklace.
[15:35] Wirxli Flimflam gave you better joint.
[15:35] Wirxli Flimflam gave you Here's your half of the Sunshine Acid , EAT IT ! (wear it) 2.
[15:35] Sugar Seville: the one in the back is by Fau Ferdinand
[15:35] Wirxli Flimflam gave you vodka.
[15:35] Sugar Seville: it uses flexible prims
[15:35] lior Humphreys: they are made only in sl?
[15:35] Sugar Seville: and is actually a follower
[15:35] Wirxli Flimflam gave you Personal Ban Zone.
[15:36] Sugar Seville: if you own it, it will follow you
[15:36] Wirxli Flimflam gave you Surprising Toilet.
[15:36] lior Humphreys: i will try
[15:36] Chi5 Shenzhou is Online
[15:36] Wirxli Flimflam gave you Vintage Coke Machine.
[15:36] Wirxli Flimflam gave you absynthe.
[15:36] You: sugar
Here is an aerial view of this event...this pic was taken just before I officially signed off into RL (Real Life) for the day. Some newcomers are here...the ones I recognize are Maximillian Nakamura (guy wearing all black) and Dingo Kardex (gal wearing all black).
[15:36] Wirxli Flimflam: I think that is all the goodies I have for now, Fwwix
[15:36] You: it will follow anyone the owner tell it to
[15:36] Wirxli Flimflam: dreamZ, did you want some drugs?
[15:37] dreamZ Bingyi: Hello Chi5 :)
[15:37] lior Humphreys: ok
[15:37] Chi5 Shenzhou: hiyas
[15:37] Chi5 Shenzhou: gah
[15:37] Wirxli Flimflam: oh look, Fwwix's babysitter has arrived :-)
[15:37] Chi5 Shenzhou: hehehe
[15:37] Chi5 Shenzhou: stuck in the wall
[15:37] dreamZ Bingyi: Some scripted drugs?
[15:37] You: chi !!!!
[15:37] lior Humphreys: and last how about this piece
[15:37] lior Humphreys: here in front of you
[15:37] lior Humphreys: sugar
[15:37] Wirxli Flimflam: yes, dreamZ
[15:38] dreamZ Bingyi: I have real absynthe at home :)
[15:38] dreamZ Bingyi: Ok, if you pleased...
[15:38] dreamZ Bingyi: 68°
[15:38] lior Humphreys: hi suagr are you ok#
[15:38] Sugar Seville: this one?
[15:38] Sugar Seville: sorry
[15:38] Wirxli Flimflam: oh ok..SLabsinthe?
[15:38] lior Humphreys: yes
[15:38] Sugar Seville: i had an IM
[15:38] lior Humphreys: i am sorry
[15:38] Chi5 Shenzhou: very punny wirx
[15:38] Object whispers: Becuase we can can can
[15:38] Chi5 Shenzhou: wa wa wa waaaaaaaahhhhh
[15:38] Chi5 Shenzhou: badum crash
[15:39] Chi5 Shenzhou: ^_^
[15:39] Sugar Seville: this was done by a friend of Gazira
[15:39] Wirxli Flimflam: sigh!
[15:39] Sugar Seville: its an installation
[15:39] lior Humphreys: it is pretty complex too
[15:39] Sugar Seville: made just for this show
[15:39] California Chronic w/ leaves: the air is thick with marijuana smoke
[15:39] dreamZ Bingyi: not the same fX
[15:39] You: you fat bloated idiot
[15:39] You: No but,
[15:39] You: yeah but,
[15:39] You: no but,
[15:39] You: yeah
[15:39] dreamZ Bingyi: thanks :)
[15:39] lior Humphreys: but all the work is done just by one artist
[15:39] Sugar Seville: it talks about sl in its geometry
[15:40] dreamZ Bingyi: what's doobie?
[15:40] Chi5 Shenzhou: ah, so you gave up smoking, fwwi?
[15:40] Wirxli Flimflam: I had some acid on me somewhere, dreamZ
[15:40] Sugar Seville: i dont know what you mean Lior
[15:40] dreamZ Bingyi: eat all of it !
[15:40] Wirxli Flimflam: yes, I have found some other drugs that will distract her enough not to smoke for awhile
[15:41] Chi5 Shenzhou: eheheh might stunt her growth
[15:41] Sugar Seville: its one rl artist
[15:41] Wirxli Flimflam: LSD does not stunt her growth - it will expand her mind
[15:41] You: I don't want to grow
[15:41] Sugar Seville: Italian
[15:41] Wirxli Flimflam: I am thinking about her education after all
[15:41] Chi5 Shenzhou: ...sigh!
[15:41] Chi5 Shenzhou: hippie parents.
[15:41] You: London....
[15:42] dreamZ Bingyi: much more to do after that...
[15:42] You: ...so secret...
[15:42] Sugar Seville: it plays with perspective
[15:42] You: ...controller of this vast network...
[15:42] You: ...
[15:42] Wirxli Flimflam: worse - raver parents ;-)
[15:42] Sugar Seville: and the man is like one you see in SL
[15:42] Wirxli Flimflam: wow, the LSD seems to be working
[15:42] You: ...upon who's shoulders...
[15:42] Sugar Seville: the nubee
[15:42] You: ...ever alert...
[15:42] Wirxli Flimflam: already she is channeling David Icke...good job!
[15:42] You: ...cut away you fool!
[15:42] You: STFU !!!!!
[15:43] Chi5 Shenzhou: brb
[15:43] You: nooooo
[15:43] Wirxli Flimflam: k
[15:43] Sugar Seville: it may have been more worked
[15:43] dreamZ Bingyi: I've got your profile Chi5 ;)
[15:43] Wirxli Flimflam: do not worry, Fwwix, Chi5 will come back
[15:43] Sugar Seville: but this show was put together in a few weeks
[15:43] You: hope so
[15:44] Wirxli Flimflam: I cannot seem to find that acid again - sorry dreamZ
[15:44] Sugar Seville: id like to see it
[15:44] Chi5 Shenzhou: needy cats...
[15:44] lior Humphreys: come over
[15:44] lior Humphreys: place to swtay you ahve
[15:44] Wirxli Flimflam: over here, Fwwix
[15:44] California Chronic w/ leaves: the air is thick with marijuana smoke
[15:44] dreamZ Bingyi: well... how are you Chi5
[15:44] Wirxli Flimflam: oh, there you are
[15:44] lior Humphreys: where are you in rl
[15:44] dreamZ Bingyi: ?
[15:44] You: London....
[15:44] Sugar Seville: come to frankfurt?
[15:44] lior Humphreys: yes
[15:44] You: ...so secret...
[15:44] Sugar Seville: im in NY
[15:44] Chi5 Shenzhou: not bad
[15:44] You: ...controller of this vast network...
[15:44] Sugar Seville: Id like to
[15:44] Sugar Seville: : )
[15:44] You: ...
[15:45] You: ...upon who's shoulders...
[15:45] You: ...ever alert...
[15:45] lior Humphreys: i do have friends right nbow visiting new york
[15:45] You: ...cut away you fool!
[15:45] Wirxli Flimflam: geez, where did you find this moldy old bootleg, Fwwix?
[15:45] lior Humphreys: to ny
[15:45] dreamZ Bingyi: well did you tried the magic chair?K
[15:45] lior Humphreys: i may come in april
[15:45] lior Humphreys: let see
[15:45] Chi5 Shenzhou: yep
[15:45] lior Humphreys: do you know foxy production gallery
[15:45] dreamZ Bingyi: makes you taller
[15:45] You: shop full of british comedy gestures
[15:45] Wirxli Flimflam: ok...
[15:45] lior Humphreys: friends of mine are doing it
[15:45] Sugar Seville: no i dont know foxy
[15:46] Wirxli Flimflam: I will get you a weekly allowance of $20 Lindens ok?
[15:46] Sugar Seville: is that in sl or rl?
[15:46] lior Humphreys: but you know cory arcangel right?
[15:46] You: 20 linden ?
[15:46] Wirxli Flimflam: yeah, starting monday :-)
[15:46] You: you're cheap daddy
[15:46] lior Humphreys: that is in chelsea in ny rl
[15:46] Wirxli Flimflam: yes well, one needs to be thrifty to survive...ok...
[15:46] Chi5 Shenzhou: let's see how my little niece is
[15:46] Sugar Seville: i dont know cory
[15:47] Sugar Seville: i will look him up
[15:47] lior Humphreys: cory is he does nice staff too i will send you a link
[15:47] Chi5 Shenzhou: ahhh don't worry little fwwi...auntie chi will buy you nice things ^_^
[15:47] lior Humphreys: about it
[15:47] Wirxli Flimflam: :-D
[15:47] Wirxli Flimflam: Aunties are always more generous than their parents anyways
[15:47] lior Humphreys: have you sugar done a show in rl?
[15:47] You: true
[15:47] lior Humphreys: i am mean curated
[15:47] Chi5 Shenzhou: yep! that's cuz they don't have to put up with the kid everyday ^_^
[15:47] Sugar Seville: not really
[15:48] Wirxli Flimflam: hahaha
[15:48] Sugar Seville: this is my first
[15:48] lior Humphreys: great
[15:48] You have offered friendship to Sugar Seville
[15:48] Sugar Seville: i had some help from Beavis
[15:48] lior Humphreys: is the desire
[15:48] lior Humphreys: to produce art that counts
[15:48] Sugar Seville: i come from an art background, so I'm not clueless
[15:48] Sugar Seville: but this is new
[15:48] Wirxli Flimflam: :-)
[15:49] Sugar Seville is Online
[15:49] lior Humphreys: brand new
[15:49] Wirxli Flimflam: perhaps you will also be an artist like Daddy sometime, Fwwix
[15:49] Wirxli Flimflam: *some day, I mean
[15:49] California Chronic w/ leaves: the air is thick with marijuana smoke
[15:49] You: meh
[15:49] You: artists are poor
[15:49] Chi5 Shenzhou: art's for weenies fwwi
[15:49] lior Humphreys: i did blog about the performance we did here in sl
[15:49] You: I wanna be a drug dealer
[15:49] Wirxli Flimflam: who do you want to be when you grow up?
[15:50] Chi5 Shenzhou: yeh. that's a good profession.
[15:50] Chi5 Shenzhou: more $$$
[15:50] lior Humphreys: and i title taste of things to come
[15:50] Wirxli Flimflam: hmmmm..well, I gave you your starting supply
[15:50] Wirxli Flimflam: you may as well learn to be an entrepreneur now
[15:50] You: yeah
[15:51] Wirxli Flimflam: you have my permission to spend your allowance on drugs - as long as you re-sell it for a profit...ok?
[15:51] Wirxli Flimflam: is that understood?
[15:51] Sugar Seville: i want Odyssey to be a place for art and performance, we will be renting land to galleries and artists
[15:51] You: GRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!
[15:51] Sugar Seville: i'm hoping it will be a destination
[15:51] lior Humphreys: the interest is there
[15:51] Sugar Seville: for people interested in serious art
[15:52] lior Humphreys: i heard from my friend at the detsch nbank they want to have a place here
[15:52] lior Humphreys: in sl
[15:52] Sugar Seville: and also for experimantation
[15:52] Wirxli Flimflam: hmmm..that sounds good
[15:52] lior Humphreys: +i talk also with my friend daniel the director of the stadel academy
[15:53] lior Humphreys: of art her e in frankfurt and he also think
[15:53] lior Humphreys: would eb a nice idea to have a pplace for teh studats to do something
[15:53] Sugar Seville: I just talked to someone that heard citibank was considering
[15:53] dreamZ Bingyi: SL'gonna be a fashion
[15:53] Wirxli Flimflam: yep and I plan to wear it :-)
[15:53] lior Humphreys: the pompidoum should be alredy there
[15:53] lior Humphreys: but you are pioneer
[15:54] lior Humphreys: we all
[15:54] lior Humphreys: syou all
[15:54] You: I'm bored !
[15:54] California Chronic w/ leaves: the air is thick with marijuana smoke
[15:54] dreamZ Bingyi: pioneer of the new worlds ;
[15:54] lior Humphreys: #i told wir that i ywould love to colaborate
[15:54] Wirxli Flimflam: sorry Fwwix, Daddy's on a business trip right now
[15:54] lior Humphreys: and lunche her teh dontneed.org space to show the video
[15:55] Sugar Seville: great to meet you Lior!
[15:55] Wirxli Flimflam: if you are bored, maybe Auntie Chi5 can take you somewhere else?
[15:55] Wirxli Flimflam: no buts
[15:55] You: but
[15:55] lior Humphreys: works that ok how about we meet another time to talk about detail ok
[15:55] lior Humphreys: thanks so far
[15:55] Chi5 Shenzhou: yeh auntie chi's got art hock up to her eyeballs right now
[15:56] Wirxli Flimflam: yeah, maybe Auntie Chi5 is also on a business trip
[15:56] You: :((((
[15:56] Chi5 Shenzhou: na
[15:56] Sugar Seville: we'd like you to do some work here Lior - lets talk
[15:56] Chi5 Shenzhou: whatcha wanna do fwwi? skate?
[15:56] lior Humphreys: ok
[15:56] lior Humphreys: it will be a plesure
[15:57] You: I've done enough skating
[15:57] lior Humphreys: i will send you the link to my blog
[15:57] You: I wanna do something new
[15:57] Sugar Seville: ok good
[15:57] Wirxli Flimflam: ok, Fwwix, I may as well give you an advance on your allowance...
[15:57] lior Humphreys: wirk
[15:57] Wirxli Flimflam: yes, Lior?
[15:57] You: 20 stooopid lindens
[15:57] dreamZ Bingyi: oww.... I've been teleported outside for a second...
[15:58] lior Humphreys: remember i tald you about theis
[15:58] lior Humphreys: script overider
[15:58] Wirxli Flimflam: better than zero stupid lindens, Fwwix
[15:58] lior Humphreys: do you know where i can get it
[15:58] You: I'll ask fau
[15:58] dreamZ Bingyi: people too muwh speak about money in SL
[15:58] Wirxli Flimflam: Sugar and Chi5 might know more about over-riders
[15:58] You: she's not as cheap
[15:59] Wirxli Flimflam: yes, maybe if you are really ungrateful, I will get Fau to adopt you instead ;-)
[15:59] lior Humphreys: it is a script that overides this typing gesture
[15:59] lior Humphreys: do you know what imean
[15:59] You: you fat bloated idiot
[15:59] Wirxli Flimflam: it will appear when you type
[15:59] Wirxli Flimflam: would you like a typewriter instead, Lior?
[15:59] California Chronic w/ leaves: the air is thick with marijuana smoke
[16:00] lior Humphreys: no i dont like a type writer
[16:00] Sugar Seville: to over ride the typing just put a / before
[16:00] Sugar Seville: /like this
[16:00] lior Humphreys: thanks
[16:00] dreamZ Bingyi: that's so crazy typing movement... ;)
[16:00] lior Humphreys: /ok
[16:00] lior Humphreys: so easy
[16:00] dreamZ Bingyi: / ok
[16:01] lior Humphreys: but somebody said i had to buy it
[16:01] Wirxli Flimflam: /a ok ;-)
[16:01] Sugar Seville: im sure you could
[16:01] Wirxli Flimflam: probably unnecessary
[16:01] dreamZ Bingyi: what have you created today Chi5?
[16:02] Chi5 Shenzhou: put in some seating and a sun umbrella up at my park - that's about it
[16:02] Wirxli Flimflam: nice!
[16:02] dreamZ Bingyi: going to see soon... it's a funny place ;)
[16:02] lior Humphreys: #at hey wir
[16:03] dreamZ Bingyi: well my third life busied me I was testing trucks today ;)
[16:03] Chi5 Shenzhou: hi max
[16:03] Maximillian Nakamura: hey ya!
[16:03] Wirxli Flimflam: Hey Max
[16:03] Wirxli Flimflam: Lior?
[16:03] lior Humphreys: /i di see your photos of the wedding
[16:03] Maximillian Nakamura: long time not see :-)
[16:03] dreamZ Bingyi: hi max :)
[16:03] Wirxli Flimflam: Lior, meet Max
[16:03] Wirxli Flimflam: both of you live in Germany
[16:03] lior Humphreys: max who is max
[16:03] Maximillian Nakamura: thats me :-)
[16:03] lior Humphreys: there is max
[16:03] lior Humphreys: hi max
[16:03] Maximillian Nakamura: hi lior
[16:03] Wirxli Flimflam: Max, meet my new adopted daughter, Fwwixli
[16:04] Maximillian Nakamura: :-)
[16:04] You: hello max
[16:04] lior Humphreys: sorry but i am in a methamorfose modus
[16:04] Maximillian Nakamura: hi there fwwixli
[16:04] lior Humphreys: great work
[16:04] lior Humphreys: i can believe myself
[16:04] California Chronic w/ leaves: the air is thick with marijuana smoke
[16:04] dreamZ Bingyi: too much interesting people in the same place at the same time... how could I sleep?
[16:04] Wirxli Flimflam: sleep is for those bio-people
[16:05] Wirxli Flimflam: yuck!
[16:05] Maximillian Nakamura: hehehe
[16:05] lior Humphreys: heehe
[16:05] Maximillian Nakamura: hi sugar!
[16:05] dreamZ Bingyi: well, I've e taken a real absynth, Wirxli...
[16:05] Maximillian Nakamura: a lot of smoke here
[16:05] dreamZ Bingyi: cheers;=
[16:05] Wirxli Flimflam: just now, dreamZ?
[16:05] Chi5 Shenzhou: hey max - did sugar talk to you about the rhiz seating yet?
[16:05] Wirxli Flimflam: Lior, Max livesin Berlin
[16:06] Wirxli Flimflam: Max, Lior lives in Frankfurt but sometimes is in Berlin
[16:06] Maximillian Nakamura: yep
[16:06] dreamZ Bingyi: yes form andorre
[16:06] Maximillian Nakamura: oh nice lior
[16:06] Chi5 Shenzhou: k - cool. sorry, i just don't have the energy to take that on now
[16:06] Maximillian Nakamura: hallöchen
[16:06] Maximillian Nakamura: :_)
[16:06] Maximillian Nakamura: okay!
[16:06] lior Humphreys: berlin is in today for art and life
[16:06] lior Humphreys: but sl is rocking
[16:06] Maximillian Nakamura: hey sugar you look different
[16:06] Maximillian Nakamura: yea :-)
[16:07] lior Humphreys: and will overtake berlin ny tokio and london
[16:07] Wirxli Flimflam: heheheh
[16:07] Maximillian Nakamura: :-)
[16:07] lior Humphreys: sugar
[16:07] Maximillian Nakamura: maybe
[16:07] Maximillian Nakamura: we will see
[16:07] Maximillian Nakamura: :-)
[16:07] Sugar Seville: hi Max
[16:07] Maximillian Nakamura: hi!
[16:07] lior Humphreys: the drowings over there are really good
[16:07] lior Humphreys: they were made jsut for teh show
[16:08] Sugar Seville: Mans?
[16:08] lior Humphreys: behide you
[16:08] Sugar Seville: which ones?
[16:08] Maximillian Nakamura: hey wirx how you doing lately?
[16:08] Sugar Seville: yes those were made by Man and a robot Lior
[16:08] Wirxli Flimflam: getting more bored more than b4, Fwwix?
[16:08] You: yeah
[16:08] You: sucks
[16:08] Wirxli Flimflam: good thanks, I am proud father of Fwwixli now Max - and you?
[16:08] Sugar Seville: click on the title card for more info
[16:09] Maximillian Nakamura: okay :-)
[16:09] You: brb
[16:09] lior Humphreys: they are from man machine
[16:09] Wirxli Flimflam: ok, Fwwix
[16:09] Maximillian Nakamura: I moved to berlin and... started to write my p.h.d
[16:09] California Chronic w/ leaves: the air is thick with marijuana smoke
[16:09] Wirxli Flimflam: what is your PhD, Max?
[16:09] Maximillian Nakamura: hmmmm..
[16:10] Maximillian Nakamura: workingtitle is: something like algorhythmics. mediatheory of the digital
[16:10] Maximillian Nakamura: sonic mediatheory
[16:10] Wirxli Flimflam: wow!
[16:10] Wirxli Flimflam: will it be about SL? oh ok
[16:10] Maximillian Nakamura: not always from visual perspective
[16:10] Wirxli Flimflam: oh when is the next Dorkbot SL meeting again, Max?
[16:10] Maximillian Nakamura: hmmm dont think so
[16:11] Maximillian Nakamura: maybe I will do some small articles abo^ut sl
[16:11] Wirxli Flimflam: Hi Dingo
[16:11] Wirxli Flimflam: ok, Max
[16:11] Chi5 Shenzhou: hiyas d
[16:11] Wirxli Flimflam: Fwwix, are you back?
[16:11] Dingo Kardex: hi
[16:11] Wirxli Flimflam: I gotta return to RL
[16:12] Sugar Seville: lior did you get the note from clicking on the title?
[16:12] Sugar Seville: it explains the drawings
[16:13] Wirxli Flimflam: she gets bored easily - even after all the drugs I gave her
[16:13] Chi5 Shenzhou: np - fwwi can come too if she likes
[16:13] Wirxli Flimflam: ok..that is fine..I have to go into RL anyways
[16:13] Maximillian Nakamura: if somebody wants to check out: doing a new project:
[16:14] You: yessss
[16:14] Wirxli Flimflam: kewl, Max
[16:14] Maximillian Nakamura: avatar orchestar metaverse
[16:14] Maximillian Nakamura: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1K3ICjopqk
[16:14] You: oh no
[16:14] You: Uh - ooooooh!
[16:14] Wirxli Flimflam: Hey Max, when is your next Dorkbot SL talk?
[16:14] Maximillian Nakamura: just a documentation
[16:14] Chi5 Shenzhou: c'mon fwwi
[16:14] California Chronic w/ leaves: the air is thick with marijuana smoke
[16:16] Dingo Kardex: hi fwwi
[16:17] Chi5 Shenzhou: might take a little adjustment - but should be about right
[16:17] Chi5 Shenzhou: just wear
[16:17] Dingo Kardex: and wait.....
[16:17] Chi5 Shenzhou: made it so it's supposed to disappear in your hair a little
[16:17] Chi5 Shenzhou: so move it back a bit
[16:18] Chi5 Shenzhou: yeh, something like that
[16:18] Chi5 Shenzhou: the lance of longinus is just a wearable too
[16:18] Dingo Kardex: hehe
[16:18] Chi5 Shenzhou: ^_^
[16:19] Dingo Kardex: its a little small for my fat head
[16:19] Chi5 Shenzhou: hummm
[16:19] Chi5 Shenzhou: move it out a little
[16:20] Chi5 Shenzhou: the thorns get all fucked up when you try to stretch it
[16:20] Chi5 Shenzhou: so try and position it first
[16:21] Chi5 Shenzhou: eheheh isn't my fault you gotta pumpkin head!
[16:21] Dingo Kardex: hehe its great
[16:22] Dingo Kardex: you wanna see what i did with steely?
[16:22] Chi5 Shenzhou: oh ffs
[16:22] Chi5 Shenzhou: ^_^
[16:22] Chi5 Shenzhou: of course
[16:22] Chi5 Shenzhou: ooof
[16:22] Dingo Kardex: inspired by hubby
[16:22] Chi5 Shenzhou: gah!!!!
[16:22] Dingo Kardex: hehe
[16:22] Chi5 Shenzhou: oahahahahahahaha
[16:23] Chi5 Shenzhou: the sfx are horrid
[16:23] Dingo Kardex: lol
[16:23] You: another time dingo
[16:23] Dingo Kardex: ;-)
[16:23] Chi5 Shenzhou: mmm try the whole getup - wanna see how it looks on you
[16:24] Dingo Kardex: ok gimme a sec
[16:24] You: I'm bored
[16:24] Chi5 Shenzhou: eheheh scram kid
[16:24] Chi5 Shenzhou: we're busy offending the masses ^_^
[16:24] You: no
[16:24] You: no
[16:25] Chi5 Shenzhou: hehehe ok then
[16:25] Chi5 Shenzhou: play nice
[16:25] You: WE are busy offending the masses
[16:25] Chi5 Shenzhou: eheheh
[16:25] Chi5 Shenzhou: got a new halo too, d
[16:25] Dingo Kardex: hehe
[16:25] Chi5 Shenzhou: eheheh ok now the lance
[16:26] Dingo Kardex: ok
[16:26] Chi5 Shenzhou: mmm, do you have a copy of that animation, d?
[16:26] Chi5 Shenzhou: i wanna adjust the nails so they're aligned
[16:27] Chi5 Shenzhou: you missed the tops of em when you moved them
[16:27] Dingo Kardex: its no trans :-(
[16:27] Chi5 Shenzhou: ah...np. can you give me the crucifix then?
[16:27] Chi5 Shenzhou: hiyas man
[16:27] Man Michinaga: heya
[16:28] Dingo Kardex: hi man
[16:28] Man Michinaga: hey hey!
[16:30] Wirxli Flimflam is Offline
[16:30] No room to sit here, try another spot.
[16:31] You: you fat bloated idiot
[16:31] You: chi
[16:31] Dingo Kardex: youd be talking to whom?
[16:31] Chi5 Shenzhou: yeeeeeeeessssss?
[16:32] You: make me a lollie
[16:32] Chi5 Shenzhou: oh ffs
[16:32] Chi5 Shenzhou: eheheh
[16:32] Chi5 Shenzhou: ok fwwi
[16:32] Chi5 Shenzhou: 1 sec
[16:32] Dingo Kardex: give him a turd
[16:32] Chi5 Shenzhou: is a turd on a stick ok?
[16:32] You: I'm a GIRL
[16:32] Dingo Kardex: hehe too good
[16:33] Dingo Kardex: so im linguistically gender impaired
[16:33] You: /stfu
[16:33] Dingo Kardex: get over it freak
[16:33] Chi5 Shenzhou: eheheh
[16:33] You: STFU !!!!!
[16:33] Chi5 Shenzhou: ahahaha
[16:34] Dingo Kardex: i dont respond kindly to demands
[16:34] Dingo Kardex: boyscout
[16:34] Dingo Kardex: ok chi back in 2 secs
[16:35] Chi5 Shenzhou: k
[16:36] You: yesss
[16:36] Chi5 Shenzhou: there ya go fwwi
[16:36] You: put any anim in it ?
[16:36] Chi5 Shenzhou: na
[16:36] You: can use the smoke
[16:37] Dingo Kardex: k
[16:37] You: full perms please
[16:37] Chi5 Shenzhou: ok...apologize to auntie d first!
[16:37] Chi5 Shenzhou: or no candy
[16:37] You: appologize ?
[16:37] You: never
[16:37] Chi5 Shenzhou: no candy for bad kids
[16:38] Chi5 Shenzhou: nope, not this time ^_^
[16:38] Dingo Kardex: especially herms
[16:38] You: herms eh ?
[16:38] Chi5 Shenzhou: oooooooh nice particles
[16:39] Dingo Kardex: ive been stuck in that fuckin cave for 3 days
[16:39] Chi5 Shenzhou: eheheh
[16:39] Dingo Kardex: and no bastard came to see me
[16:40] Chi5 Shenzhou: i'll trade you a lolly for an obscene sound ms fwwi
[16:40] Chi5 Shenzhou: that way you can still be bad...
[16:41] Chi5 Shenzhou: yowza
[16:43] Chi5 Shenzhou: brb...my cat just dropped a steamer
[16:43] Chi5 Shenzhou: on the floor!!!!!!!!!!111
[16:45] Chi5 Shenzhou: arughghgh it's so squalid in my apt
[16:46] Chi5 Shenzhou: just saw a herd of roaches skurry away
[16:47] Dingo Kardex: urgh we have woodlice but roaches!!!
[16:47] Chi5 Shenzhou: yeh, i leave for 2 days, and they take over the place
[16:47] You: I love roaches
[16:47] You: they are good to disect
[16:47] Dingo Kardex: with ice cream?
[16:48] You: every tried disecting ants ?
[16:48] Chi5 Shenzhou gave you fwwi lolly.
[16:48] Dingo Kardex: no i have a life
[16:48] Chi5 Shenzhou: eheheh
[16:48] Dingo Kardex: of sorts
[16:48] You: some life :PPPPPPPPPPPPP
[16:48] Sugar Seville is Offline
[16:51] Chi5 Shenzhou: yep! all set for easter
[16:51] Chi5 Shenzhou: anything else you can think of, d?
[16:52] Dingo Kardex: no but i will
[16:52] Dingo Kardex: gotta do something about the irish joke thing
[16:52] Chi5 Shenzhou: eheheh you got booze. isn't that enough?
[16:54] You: oh kewl
[16:54] You: she's dead
[16:54] Chi5 Shenzhou: eheheh
[16:54] You: GRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!
[16:54] You: GRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!
[16:54] You: hehe
[16:55] Dingo Kardex: dammit
[16:55] Dingo Kardex: hehe easter, waxed n cruxed should be a good weekend
[16:55] Chi5 Shenzhou: hehehe
[16:57] Chi5 Shenzhou: ok - so i'm inviting a ton of people to this d
[16:57] Chi5 Shenzhou: should get some coverage ^_^
[16:57] Dingo Kardex: hehe we need a good venue
[16:57] Dingo Kardex: i was checking some christian locations
[16:57] Chi5 Shenzhou: great ^_^
[16:57] Chi5 Shenzhou: ok ok ok - put it away before everybody sees it
[16:58] Chi5 Shenzhou: half these people will probably be there...don't wanna ruin it
[16:58] Chi5 Shenzhou: eheheh maybe a cup of water would be good
[16:58] Chi5 Shenzhou: drink water, jizz wine
[16:58] You: :)
[16:59] Dingo Kardex: brb, dog trouble
[16:59] Chi5 Shenzhou: k
[17:01] DeThomas Dibou: hi
[17:02] Chi5 Shenzhou: yeeeeeeesss?
[17:02] You: you're worse than dad
[17:02] Chi5 Shenzhou: eheheh
[17:02] Chi5 Shenzhou: tough luck, kid
[17:03] Chi5 Shenzhou: you should be beaten
[17:03] Chi5 Shenzhou: too bad yer dad's too much of a wussie
[17:07] Chi5 Shenzhou: w/b d
[17:07] You: brb
[17:07] You: cig
[17:07] Dingo Kardex: allo allo
[17:07] Dingo Kardex: hehe ty
[17:13] Chi5 Shenzhou: how proper
[17:13] Dingo Kardex: totally out of character
[17:14] Chi5 Shenzhou: yeh, that's more like it
[17:14] Dingo Kardex: hehe
**End of Submitted Transcript**

So, as you can see, I learned alot about her behaviour when I am not around to supervise her...sigh!

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