Fwwixli and Wirxli

Fwwixli and Wirxli
Shopping together on their 1st day of custody.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Our adoption celebration published in The Avastar!

"Adoption is Wonderful" The Avastar Issue #14. In the "E-mails of the Week" section, Page #11.

...and here is a close-up of the German translation...

Hey performance art and adoption fans,

I finally managed to get Fwwixli mentioned in some SL media press in The Avastar. Since this is an equal collaboration, I will pay Fwwixli L$250 to make sure she gets half of my payment for sending in this email release.

I have not heard from her for awhile though... I hope she has not run away or something...I will have to ask Auntie Chi5 Shenshou to see if she has seen her around anywhere...sigh!

Fatherly regards,

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