Fwwixli and Wirxli

Fwwixli and Wirxli
Shopping together on their 1st day of custody.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Fwwixli's reunion at Gazira Babeli's one-year retrospective!

Awwwwe..how cute! Here we are at Gazira Babeli's one-year retrospective exhibition on Odyssey Island... Fwwixli is sitting on the shoulders of one my personal bodyguards (Nick Kelly - yes, Nick is a "she") while Foster-Mama Tea Chenille keeps a compassionate eye for Fwwix's safety and all the while having some extra armed security support by Bear Brooks! This is indeed a family pic of sorts - even Second Front co-member Lizsolo Mathilde made a cameo appearance! We are like one big happy family, really!

Hey performance art, ageplay and adoption fans!

Finally, my daughter Fwwixli felt comfortable enough with our recent reunion to join me and my bodyguards to a VIP gala event and an official opening for Gazira Babeli's one-year retrospective exhibition called "Collateral Damage" in the main gallery on Odyssey Island. This event was curated by Sugar Seville and Beavis Palowakski who is also the architect of Odyssey's main gallery.

Anyways, we all attended Gaz's VIP media gala and the official opening and both events were sure a blast (usually a blast of aesthetically pleasing superprims)!

Alot of my friends were there and also a few strangers so it was a good thing I trusted my intuition and hired Stilleto Inc. I highly recommend this service to any other SLebrity who was recently become an Ava-Star due to the creative renaissance of this golden year, 2007.

This is the first time I have ever had to hire bodyguards but this certainly will not be the last time.... If you are a SLebrity like me, having personal protection is well worth the investment!

At one point, I thought someone was either shooting at me or Fwwixli! Fortunately, it turned out to be the sound of Fwwixli's sk8board...phew! I think from now on that I will be having bodyguards with me to protect me and my daughter at every high-profile event from now on... I just cannot risk losing my precious Fwwix again!

Well, here are more pix of the event...

In this pic, we see Fwwix taking full advantage of my hired bodyguards' service while Ian Ah looks around...One can hear Second Front co-member Tran Spire making his way towards us... I got the sense that he wanted to show Fwwixli how adults party...sigh!

This pic gives you a better sense of the attendence at Gaz's official opening night. I was actually there with Fwwixli and my guards earlier in the day for the press and media (for the 1st shift, Sturdus Goldblatt stood in for their company's boss Nick Kelly as one of my bodyguards). It looks like the press were still at the 6 PM PDT opening (the opening for V.I.Ps, Italians and Media started at 1 PM PDT) because I seem to be showing off the return of my daughter to everyone in the media-world including Aidan Aquacade from SPark Magazine. Some people were already getting to know Fwwixli quite well throughout the day. For example, my good friend from Frankfurt named Lior Humphreys said he had some nice chats with her. A few people were telling me that the colourful display in the middle of the gallery on opening night was actually a prim-war between Gaz and Dancoyote Antonelli...This is what I love about making art in SL - no one wins nor loses but is able to make alot of pretty fireworks together!

Here is another touching moment that I managed to snap at just the right time...we can see a parental exchange between Tea and Fwwixli....awwweee... :-)I am so glad lil' Fwwix has decided to come back to the fold so she can meet her extended/adopted family :-)

Fwwixli was really making the rounds that night. Like parent, like daughter - she was able to network seemlessly with my colleagues. Here she is chatting up another Second Front co-member, Man Michinaga. It was also comforting to see that my life-partner, Tea was also appreciating the service that my bodyguards were providing. I think it is essential that a true professional bodyguard service learns to have a close working relationship with their client...they must know who they are protecting after all... Perhaps one day, they will be able to see through our SLebrity veil. But for now, it is strictly business but they were very very professional and intuitive when it came to determining who my true friends were :-)

Here is Tran literally begging for Fwwixli's attention...It is a good thing I know Tran very well and trust him deeply...normally, I would not trust some glam dude with long turquoise hair and an Op-Art zoot suit to come anywhere near my daughter, especially when assuming the prostrating position...I trusted Tran enough to babysit my daughter once my time at the gallery was up and I left the scene with my personal bodyguards. I reminded him that Fwwixli is not yet an adult and should be treated as such...She is only allowed drugs for mind altering purposes and should not try anything addictive..I hope he was joking about firing up some glass pipes...sigh!

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