Fwwixli and Wirxli

Fwwixli and Wirxli
Shopping together on their 1st day of custody.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Gaz is awsome !!!

I love tornados ,they confuse bodyguards too :)))
I had loads of fun making the work for their money ,trying to keep up with me
Dad kept nagging ,he didn't like me hiding inside the avatar orgy (that's what I call
the stage with pose balls ), Nick was the best body guard though ,she found me even when I was hiding between too walls so I figured there's no point and just ordered her around sitting on her shoulders :)
after dad left I hang around with dad's friend Tran - he was wearing his pajamas
but then changes into some cool black pom pom and wanted us to go steal some stuff for money for drugs .I gave him some and he left ... hope dad didn't pay him for babysitting cause that sucked

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